assignment 2

What kind of graphic designer am I?

I feel that one of my strongest abilities while designing is emotion. I enjoy being able to connect with the viewer through a design that can also give them something to think about. I like to put myself in an outsider’s point of view and think about in which way I will capture their attention or what their thought process may be. I try to make my designs attractive, relatable, understandable and informative. The main focal point of designs consists of imagery and type. While both are important I fell that I am stronger at selecting strong imagery. I can search for images that relate directly to the concept and that make strong visuals. This takes a lot of research since if I feel an image does not have the right feel, I must keep looking.

I have always felt that presentation is important when talking about a design. Presentation is very influential in how a product is viewed. If the viewer has not tried what is being sold, they formulate an opinion based on the design they see. If they see a weak design, they deduce that it is a weak product and vice versa. My goal is for my designs to be strong enough to keep a person engaged the first time they look. I want to create a strong first impression since that will be the feel that the viewer leaves with.

Customer service has always been something I am good at. While I am mostly an introvert I am good with respectfully and amiably addressing clients. I also am very patient, and I am a designer that would not mind explaining a few things to my clients in order for them to work with me in a comfortable environment. I feel that my personality allows me to be very easy going and flexible. However, I feel a weakness of mine would be that I get upset if the client is not clear on what he or she wants. To solve this, I must learn to ask them the right questions. This will make things clear for me and will reduce miscommunication.

Some clients are not satisfied with options we give them and flexibility as designers becomes very important. In my opinion I feel that it is great when designers have their own personal style. However, we are challenged to break from it in occasions when it is necessary to do so. By being flexible, I can create contrasting design options (contrasting styles or concepts) for the same assignment. This is done to provide the client with a wider spectrum of ideas and improves the likelihood of them liking an option.

Something that I would like to get stronger in are making my designs more dynamic. I feel my designs are too neat and safe. Another thing I would like to work on is my color palette choices. I feel that my color choices are a bit obvious. I need to practice and read more on how to use different colors that look well together. Finally, I need to brush up on the history of graphic design and current graphic design. I feel that is the most challenging part for me. There is just so much information about graphic design but brushing up on it will help me achieve stronger results.