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Nicholas Albanese Week 9 Sketchbook

For this week’s sketchbook assignment, I chose to listen to the Creative Pep Talk Podcast hosted by Andy J. Pizza. I listened to Episode 261 titled “Artists with Super Fandoms Have This Surprise Thing in Common” which went into how some of the greatest artists build their audience and what techniques you can apply to your own work in order to create great works of art and build a loyal audience and super fandom of your own. In the epsiode, Andy goes into a lot of detail about how your artwork is a mirror that reflects the souls of your audience back at them. He explains that as an artist, your work is meant to relate not just to you but to everyone around you. He explains that you should include things like your personal philosophy, your interests, your identity and your values into your artwork to make it unique and have an audience that comes back to see what you make. For these illustrations, I drew some phrases he spoke such as “soul tattoo” and “mirror into the soul”. I also drew a baker making a “Great Artist Pie” because he mentioned a lot of times about how a great artist bakes things like their values, identity and guilty pleasures into their own work. I thought a baker making a pie was a nice visual metaphor to illustrate something like that.

Nicholas Albanese Assignment 2, Part 2

My client for this assignment is the Economist. My chosen article is titled “Will China offer Russia financial help?” For the thumbnails, I was trying to figure out creative ways to illustrate how China was hesitant to offer Russia financial help. I did through some more illustrative ways like having a character representing China trying to pull a life support plug of a suffering and bedridden Russia. In the end, I’m proud of the two concepts I ended up finalizing. The first is meant to be two pipes connected to a generator. The generator represens Russia and the left pipe represents NATO and the various countries it’s comprised of refusing to offer Russia financial help. Meanwhile, the pipe on the right is meant to represent China who is still financially supporting Russia. The second illustration is meant to represent Russia’s dependence on China. In this, I decided to represent China as a shady back alley dealer who offers Russia (represented by the man on the left) money and financial assistance. I decided to keep the China dealer character cloaked in shadow to represent their shady actions in continuing to financially support Russia. Meanwhile the man in the hoodie on the left is meant to represent the average Russian person today as he looks to the dealer as his currency falls to an all time low and he’s forced to turn to shady means in order to keep himself afloat.

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