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Basema ikhmayes week 6 Discussion

Meg Hunt on Behance

Meg Hunt

The number of colors used in this illustration are four, black, white, orange, and blue. The artists used two different color palettes in this illustration: Monochromatic and Analogous. The colors that were used from the Monochromatic palette are considered warm colors. And the colors that were used from the Analogous palette are considered cool colors. The artist also used white; however, white does not feature a traditional color wheel. This illustration was created by Meg Hunt, who lives in Portland, OR. Her first picture book (Interstellar Cinderella) was published in 2015. Also, In 2015, she received a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators for Illustrators 58, Uncommissioned category. I think her work is very effective because she mainly uses limited color palettes; however, she is still swamped, and it seems like she used a lot of colors, but in fact, she didn’t

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