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Acquiescene (noun)

“A Jury of Her Peers” by: Susan Glaspell

“in her manner of timid acquiescene” P 267 line 14

“in her manner of timid accepting the demand”

definition (from Merriam-Website)

accepting demands in a polite manner

generates from acquiescent to accept or allow demands from others


A Little of Me

I’ve never blogged before, so i think this is how it goes. I am truly out of my element here i can write about anyone, but when it comes to myself that’s the hard part. My name is Tariana (Ta-ri-ana).  I re-admitted to city tech this semester after taking a few years off due to having a child (fyi who happens to be under me playing with his cars as i type, ” I’m not distracted at all”). I’ve changed my major a few times already i’m currently in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Here’s a little of me in a few words.

I started in city tech at the age of 19 as a nursing major, I wanted to follow my grandmothers steps and help others. At 20 i lived on my own found a job at a doctors office, it was an experience that i’ll never forget because shortly after i changed my major. I then went and transferred  to accounting major. I thought I finally found my calling since i’m one of those annoying people that think in numbers. Numbers not word problems and charts so that was a bust. (fast forward) That brings me to today starting my degree to become a math teacher. I found my career path, that’s it no more changes. I hope!!!

Besides trying to be a successful student i’m just a mom. Extra curricular activities does that include play dates, jungle gyms and nightly readings, I hope so. I’m interested in anything that makes my loved ones smile. My significant other is a football fanatic. Back when we started i couldn’t have cared less. It was men in tights going after something i couldn’t even see. But his excitement when a man went past the white line for every 10 yards. I knew there had to be more it so i engaged in research my handy dandy Google. Thanks to fast definitions and pictures I know whats going on and when to smile and get excited. That’s my type of fun hearing my 2 year old say daddy touchdown. Here’s to a good positive semester and my first blog about myself.