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The winged Victory of Samothrace- Parth Patel

This picture was also taken in the city of Paris, France. At The Louvre at the biggest museum in the world. This trip that i did with my high school friends was well worth it, we backpacked through everything and visited as many places as possible. This picture was also taken approximately two years ago.

This statue was discovered on the small islands of Samothrace in the northwest Aegeans, by a man named Charles Champoiseau. This statue represents the goddess of Victory. This statue says a lot, as she stands there on top of ships, braced against wind. She represents the special naval victories that she had given to the Greeks. She supposedly grants victory. The statue is called Nike in greek. The people of the museum tried to restore the statute of the missing pieces that was broken off during the excavation. However, they were unsuccessful. But, this was one of the best work of art at The Louvre.

My refection to this statue was shell shocking. When i went to the museum in Paris i did not know all of the information. I feel like once you know what something is, you get a deeper sense of appreciation. When i first saw this statue in person i was amazed with the amount of craftsmen ship that was still preserved. People take art for granted, however there is so much more in the details. And this goddess was more intricate than it led out to be. I have such more appreciation for art now than i ever had before.

Venus de Milo – Parth Patel

This statute was in Paris, France. Me and my high school friends had gone to Europe after graduating high school. This picture was taken 2 years ago, located at The Louvre. One of the biggest museum in the world and holds many different historic monuments.

The sculpture was build between 130-100 BCE about a Greek goddess of love and beauty. The sculpture was found accidentally by Yorgos Kentrotas a young farmer in 1820. The hand of the goddess was lost during the discovery of the sculpture. The sculpture was founded buried unground, in the city of Milos. The significance of this sculpture is not only that it is an actual goddess, but instead that the sculpture was found a hundred years after it was made. In such condition, representing the history of the ancient greek culture. Which is why, to this day this sculpture sits in the biggest museum in the world with such high regards.

The significance of this statue is something i do not need to say, it speaks for itself. In my opinion everyone should go to Paris and visit this museum.  I think the Greeks are very proud to see a work of art being represented in the biggest museum in the world. Essentially, i was shocked to find out that a statue can survive over 100 years and still be in such good condition. Granted that the marble that the artist used was very strong and expensive, regardless it is still a miracle. This statue represents the history of the Greeks and there talent.

Thomas Jefferson memorial- Parth Patel


This picture was taken in Washington D.C at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. On the month of July of 2015. This was a trip me and my friends went on to visit every monument and historical land cites. This was our first statue that we saw when we got to Washington D.C, national mall.

Thomas Jefferson is being commemorated for being the founding father of this great nation. Since he also drafted the Declaration of the Independence and the adviser to the Constitution. His monument and statue is the 4th most popular American Architecture in America today. It is very elegant, especially because it is right in front of the Potomac River. This monument gives hour to our founding father of this country and gives tribute to the spirit of America. With that being said, he also created the Bill of Rights to add to the Constitution of the United States. And he was our 3rd president of the United States. His accomplishments were on a scale that was too grand, and this was a tiny way to pay respects to him.

I personally think that this commemoration was so well done. Especially, where the architect positioned the monument in front of the Potomac River. When i got to the national mall, i was shell shocked on how beautiful the architecture and the design looked. I mean, i did not expect this much for a president until i remembered, he was not only our 3rd president, but he wrote the bill of rights, he drafted the US Constitution and wrote the Bill of Rights. In my opinion, one of the best works in D.C. is his monument.

Abraham Lincoln- Parth Patel


This particular picture was taken in Washington D.C., at the Lincoln memorial. The statute took close to 50 years to construct. And it did not open to the public until 1922. The monument project was funded after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln memorial has a Greek influenced architecture. This picture was taken July of 2015. Picture taken via Snapchat.

The monument was funded two years after the assassination of one of our favorite presidents. Congress started funding the memorial and the construction took 50 years to completely finish building. Even after the construction was finished in 1915, congress did not open it to the public. There are 36 columns at the Lincoln memorial represent the states that the United States had, during the death of Lincoln. This monument represents the respect that Lincoln deserved when he created the emancipation proclamation.

For the amount of time that congress took to construct the monument and it paid off. The devil is in the detail. Congress wanted to make this monument really a work of art to show the people. Moreover, president Lincoln was the president who united this country after it was split in half during the civil war. That literally created the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Furthermore, this monument was part of one of the biggest historic events, the ” I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. President Lincolns will be the president who freed the slaves and united this country.