The winged Victory of Samothrace- Parth Patel

This picture was also taken in the city of Paris, France. At The Louvre at the biggest museum in the world. This trip that i did with my high school friends was well worth it, we backpacked through everything and visited as many places as possible. This picture was also taken approximately two years ago.

This statue was discovered on the small islands of Samothrace in the northwest Aegeans, by a man named Charles Champoiseau. This statue represents the goddess of Victory. This statue says a lot, as she stands there on top of ships, braced against wind. She represents the special naval victories that she had given to the Greeks. She supposedly grants victory. The statue is called Nike in greek. The people of the museum tried to restore the statute of the missing pieces that was broken off during the excavation. However, they were unsuccessful. But, this was one of the best work of art at The Louvre.

My refection to this statue was shell shocking. When i went to the museum in Paris i did not know all of the information. I feel like once you know what something is, you get a deeper sense of appreciation. When i first saw this statue in person i was amazed with the amount of craftsmen ship that was still preserved. People take art for granted, however there is so much more in the details. And this goddess was more intricate than it led out to be. I have such more appreciation for art now than i ever had before.

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