Thomas Jefferson memorial- Parth Patel


This picture was taken in Washington D.C at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. On the month of July of 2015. This was a trip me and my friends went on to visit every monument and historical land cites. This was our first statue that we saw when we got to Washington D.C, national mall.

Thomas Jefferson is being commemorated for being the founding father of this great nation. Since he also drafted the Declaration of the Independence and the adviser to the Constitution. His monument and statue is the 4th most popular American Architecture in America today. It is very elegant, especially because it is right in front of the Potomac River. This monument gives hour to our founding father of this country and gives tribute to the spirit of America. With that being said, he also created the Bill of Rights to add to the Constitution of the United States. And he was our 3rd president of the United States. His accomplishments were on a scale that was too grand, and this was a tiny way to pay respects to him.

I personally think that this commemoration was so well done. Especially, where the architect positioned the monument in front of the Potomac River. When i got to the national mall, i was shell shocked on how beautiful the architecture and the design looked. I mean, i did not expect this much for a president until i remembered, he was not only our 3rd president, but he wrote the bill of rights, he drafted the US Constitution and wrote the Bill of Rights. In my opinion, one of the best works in D.C. is his monument.

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