Venus de Milo – Parth Patel

This statute was in Paris, France. Me and my high school friends had gone to Europe after graduating high school. This picture was taken 2 years ago, located at The Louvre. One of the biggest museum in the world and holds many different historic monuments.

The sculpture was build between 130-100 BCE about a Greek goddess of love and beauty. The sculpture was found accidentally by Yorgos Kentrotas a young farmer in 1820. The hand of the goddess was lost during the discovery of the sculpture. The sculpture was founded buried unground, in the city of Milos. The significance of this sculpture is not only that it is an actual goddess, but instead that the sculpture was found a hundred years after it was made. In such condition, representing the history of the ancient greek culture. Which is why, to this day this sculpture sits in the biggest museum in the world with such high regards.

The significance of this statue is something i do not need to say, it speaks for itself. In my opinion everyone should go to Paris and visit this museum.  I think the Greeks are very proud to see a work of art being represented in the biggest museum in the world. Essentially, i was shocked to find out that a statue can survive over 100 years and still be in such good condition. Granted that the marble that the artist used was very strong and expensive, regardless it is still a miracle. This statue represents the history of the Greeks and there talent.

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