Washington Irving


  1. This head statue is of Washington Irving, located on 40 West 16 Street Irving Place.
  2. Washington Irving was an American author. He’s known for his writing of “The legend of Sleepy Hallow”. This statue is part of Washington Irving High School. It was an all-girl school back in 1902 with eleven floors. The school commemorates him for his writings. The school recently closed this past June as the last class graduated in 2015. The school remains open under a few different names.
  3. I graduated from Washington Irving High School in 2011. This statue always reminds me of the times I’ve had in the school and as well as the great stories I have read by Washington Irving. The picture did not come out so great because it was barricaded inside. I am assuming because the school was shut down and just remains open under a different name they will possibly remove the head statue.


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