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Washington Irving


  1. This head statue is of Washington Irving, located on 40 West 16 Street Irving Place.
  2. Washington Irving was an American author. He’s known for his writing of “The legend of Sleepy Hallow”. This statue is part of Washington Irving High School. It was an all-girl school back in 1902 with eleven floors. The school commemorates him for his writings. The school recently closed this past June as the last class graduated in 2015. The school remains open under a few different names.
  3. I graduated from Washington Irving High School in 2011. This statue always reminds me of the times I’ve had in the school and as well as the great stories I have read by Washington Irving. The picture did not come out so great because it was barricaded inside. I am assuming because the school was shut down and just remains open under a different name they will possibly remove the head statue.


Korean War Memorial



  1. This photograph was taken in Battery Park.
  2. This statue is commemorating the soldiers in the military who were involved in the North Korean War which started June 25th, 1950. This memorial is dedicated to all the nations who participated from all around the world. The statue has flags all around the granite are to give dedication to the countries involved as well.
  3. I liked the way it is structured. When I took the picture someone left a teddy bear and flowers in the front of the statue to show the appreciation people have towards the people who participated in this war.

Giovanni da Verrazano


  1. This photograph was taken at Battery Park.
  2. The Statue is of Giovanni da Verrazano who was an Italian explorer and navigator. The statue was built on October 9th Verrazano was born as Castello Verrazano in a town named Greve near Florence, Italy. Verrazano is being commemorated for his travels in being the first to stumbling into the New York Bay in 1524. He was in search of the Pacific Ocean and the Far East.
  3. I like how the sculpture is. The way Verrazano is posed showing that he is a man in control. I did not like that the statue is enclosed with in gates possibly for construction purposes.

The Immigrants Memorial


  1. This image was taken at Battery Park.
  2. The statue represents the diversity of immigrants who have came to the United States. The statue reads “dedicated to the people of all nations who entered America through Castle Garden. In Memory of Samuel Rudin.” Rudin is the son of Jewish immigrants who came to the United States though Castle Garden. Rudins father bought his first property in 1905, a three story brown stone located on 153 E 54th street then advising his children to never sell the property and purchase buildings surrounding it. Rudin founded the Rudin Management Company which deals with leasing and managements of businesses. At his death, his children created a foundation in honor of Samuel and May Rudin.
  3. This statue symbolizes all the immigrants who have came into this country. My parents came into the United States as immigrants, my father from Cuba and my mother from the Dominican Republic. I understand the struggle immigrants go through to survive in NYC. The statue show people just looking as if they are wandering and some even praying as if their prayers were answered in coming here. This definetly gives off a strong message on how immigrants came and especially how they feel just by face expressions.

East Coast Memorial


  1. This photograph was taken at Battery Park.
  2. The statue of the eagle and the walls with names on them honors the 4,601 missing American soldiers from the Navy who lost their lives battling in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. The eagle has the dates of 1941-1945 representing the times the war was going on. The walls with the names are to commemorate all of the soldiers who passed in a special way. There are a total of six walls with names in both front and back of them. The eagle is facing the direction of the Statue of Liberty which makes it more symbolic to the American people. President John F. Kennedy and the federal government were the persons who funded this commemoration.
  3. This statue and the walls with every single soldier who passed is a very strong message. These people fought for America to be what it is today. These World Wars were important eras in U.S history.