East Coast Memorial


  1. This photograph was taken at Battery Park.
  2. The statue of the eagle and the walls with names on them honors the 4,601 missing American soldiers from the Navy who lost their lives battling in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. The eagle has the dates of 1941-1945 representing the times the war was going on. The walls with the names are to commemorate all of the soldiers who passed in a special way. There are a total of six walls with names in both front and back of them. The eagle is facing the direction of the Statue of Liberty which makes it more symbolic to the American people. President John F. Kennedy and the federal government were the persons who funded this commemoration.
  3. This statue and the walls with every single soldier who passed is a very strong message. These people fought for America to be what it is today. These World Wars were important eras in U.S history.

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