In the Spotlight: ENG1710 – Introduction to Language and Technology

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.30.14 PM

In Prof. LestĆ³n’s English class, Introduction to Language and Technology, students not only write responses to course reading, but also develop revision plans and second drafts of their writing on the course site. All this work — including Prof. LestĆ³n’s feedback to each student — is availableĀ for the class to see, so that students benefitĀ from observing their peers’ drafting process as well as their own. What’s more, Prof. LestĆ³n has included theĀ projectĀ that students in his Fall 2015 course undertook, thereby drawing a link from one semester to the next. And as an added perk, the “Culture Jams” section of theĀ site keeps a “storehouse of viral images” related to the themes of the course, which both he and his students can populate as they come across them throughout the semester. Check out the site to see for yourself!

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