Distance Learning Update: 1st official Blackboard Collaborate session TODAY

Hopefully you have been receiving the Blackboard annoucements via email. For now, I will also post them to OpenLab:

Hi all,

I will plan to have Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions during our regularly scheduled class times. So our first one will be today (Monday) from 12p-1:40p. You should be able to see the session scheduled under Course Tools->Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in Blackboard. You can join the session there, or via the guest link:


Attendance (i.e., logging in) for class sessions is not required, but I do strongly recommend it, assuming you have access to a device and a reliable wifi or data connection. As some of you saw last week, you can even join and view these sessions via a phone (but I do recommend a computer or tablet, so that you have a bigger screen to view pdfs, the whiteboard and other content that I will share in the sessions).

Tomorrow we can go over any remaining HW5 questions, and discuss conditional probability (using the Class 12 outline pdf I uploaded to Openlab on March 11):

For those of you that can’t join, I will post a summary and followup instructions on OpenLab this afternoon after the Blackboard session.

Hope to see all of you on Blackboard!

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