Notes for Mon April 20 / HW8 (Permutations & Combinations)

Here’s a brief recap of today’s Blackboard Collaborate session:

For the first approximately 40mins, we gave an overview of HW8, which consists of permutations and combinations calculations:

  • HW8 is a written homework assignment; you can find the pdf with the homework exercises under Files
    • HW8 is due next Monday (April 27)
    • I will create an Assignment in Blackboard where you can submit your solutions (preferably as a pdf, as you did for Quiz #3 over the weekend)
    • we went through HW8 #1 together–in particular I wanted to demonstrate how to show your work;
    • we will go through at least one more exercise from HW8 during Wednesday’s Blackboard session

We spent the remaining hour reviewing random variables and introducing probability distributions for such random variables.

Please review the Class Outline on those topics–in particular, it’s essential you understand the example involving the probability experiment of flipping a coin 3 times, and constructing the probability distribution for the random variable “X = the number of heads observed.”  We will build on that example when we discuss binomial experiments and binomial random variables.

You can review the Blackboard recording, and/or you can view this Khan Academy  video, which constructs the probability distribution for that same random variable:


Distance Learning Update: 1st official Blackboard Collaborate session TODAY

Hopefully you have been receiving the Blackboard annoucements via email. For now, I will also post them to OpenLab:

Hi all,

I will plan to have Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions during our regularly scheduled class times. So our first one will be today (Monday) from 12p-1:40p. You should be able to see the session scheduled under Course Tools->Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in Blackboard. You can join the session there, or via the guest link:

Attendance (i.e., logging in) for class sessions is not required, but I do strongly recommend it, assuming you have access to a device and a reliable wifi or data connection. As some of you saw last week, you can even join and view these sessions via a phone (but I do recommend a computer or tablet, so that you have a bigger screen to view pdfs, the whiteboard and other content that I will share in the sessions).

Tomorrow we can go over any remaining HW5 questions, and discuss conditional probability (using the Class 12 outline pdf I uploaded to Openlab on March 11):

For those of you that can’t join, I will post a summary and followup instructions on OpenLab this afternoon after the Blackboard session.

Hope to see all of you on Blackboard!

Blackboard Collaborate test session – today!

[I posted this as an announcement on Blackboard just now, which you may have already received as an email. I thought I’d post to OpenLab too.  Note that you can log in to Blackboard at]

I am going to run a test session in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra today, 12p-1p. If it’s possible for you to join, it would help me a lot if you do, even if only for a minute. I want to see how it will work for running class sessions. Also it would also be nice to hear from some of you and see how things are going through all of this.

Blackboard allows streaming audio and/or video from all participants, but there is also text chat if you’d rather just do that (or just join, you don’t have to chat at all!)

Here is the link for today’s session, which you can open on a computer or on your phone:

I tried joining a Blackboard Collaborate session yesterday from my phone, and it works pretty well.

I will likely run another test session tomorrow (Thurs) but I haven’t figured out what time yet.

Hope to chat with some of you soon!