Blackboard Collaborate test session – today!

[I posted this as an announcement on Blackboard just now, which you may have already received as an email. I thought I’d post to OpenLab too.  Note that you can log in to Blackboard at]

I am going to run a test session in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra today, 12p-1p. If it’s possible for you to join, it would help me a lot if you do, even if only for a minute. I want to see how it will work for running class sessions. Also it would also be nice to hear from some of you and see how things are going through all of this.

Blackboard allows streaming audio and/or video from all participants, but there is also text chat if you’d rather just do that (or just join, you don’t have to chat at all!)

Here is the link for today’s session, which you can open on a computer or on your phone:

I tried joining a Blackboard Collaborate session yesterday from my phone, and it works pretty well.

I will likely run another test session tomorrow (Thurs) but I haven’t figured out what time yet.

Hope to chat with some of you soon!

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