Journal entry #6

Woke up feeling great today, “today is a good day to have a good day” I read that somewhere. So Scott and Naeem sent me some photos during the week so I can come up with some ideas for Tuesday. Well, today is the day, and it felt good not scrambling and having an idea of what approach I would take creating this collage. The first one I chose to tackle was a technology shoot, shot by Tatsuro Nishimura. Speakers, laptops, IPads, and circuit boards are a few of the subjects in the shoot. Some were colorful appliances, so I made good use of the most memorable shots throughout the card. I also made good use of the shapes of the electronics, by aligning the hard lines to create a good flow to lead the eyes. Once I finished that I moved on to another promo card for Tatsuro, for this one the goal was to create a piece he could send to a potential client within the organic produce industry. There were berries, ice cream, and a beautiful wood with a weathered oak finish in the photos. The purples, greens and browns worked well creating a real organic feel in this collage. I ended up making three different versions because the photos worked so well together the possible combinations seemed endless. After finishing the cards for Tatsuro I was asked to make one for Phil Knott no photos or direction provided, but it was easier to do because I was already in my zone. I was enjoying the hunt and finding ways to be creative even though it was the same structure. I chose to do a collage of Phil’s portrait shots; the portraits featured different celebrities some in color and some in monochrome. All the shots felt raw and full of energy with a good focus on the eyes. I used photos with similar elements like one with a burgundy background, another with a guy in a burgundy shirt, and then I would include a picture with a pale green background. This was my way of creating a flow by playing with complimentary colors and showing repetition in a subtle but effective way. Scott and Naeem were pleased I could tell by the praises in the follow-up email after they received the work I sent.

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