Huseyin Akis – Blog Entry #11

Its November 9, 2015, I’m pretty out of it today. The weather this fall has been strange. This has to be one of the warmest autumns; we’ve had in a while. However, we did have a few chilly days. I’ve been dressing properly, all of this autumn and yet I managed to catch a cold. Sigh… today it will be tough working with a congested sinus.

I am currently interning at City Tech Image & Visual Communications office. Today, I rolled into the office around 10 a.m., looking pale like a zombie. First thing, as I got in the office, I met with Mr. Vargas in his room. We had a discussion about the new project. For the new project, I will be creating a logo for the City Tech Alumni Associations mentoring program called “PG4U” (Professional Growth For You). The logo must be similar to the Alumni Associations logo.

I started to do research on the City Tech Alumni Associations; to learn about what they do, and offer for City Tech Alumni’s. I also printed out a meeting memo, from the City Tech website because the Alumni Associations logo was on it. Next, I started to sketch thumbnails for the PG4U logo. Near, the end of the day Mr. Vargas, took a look at my thumbnails. He helped me out a little and sketched some thumbnails of his own. He wanted me to try different variations, of the examples he sketched.

I’m glad he has me working on logos using typography. It’s something I need to practice and improve on. These projects are helping me out significantly with my typographic skills.

Note: working sick stinks but I made it!

One thought on “Huseyin Akis – Blog Entry #11

  1. Joel Mason

    Designing a logo a challenging task. Conducting research is essential. I’ll be curious to see how this project evolves. You write clearly, but should review guidelines for using the apostrophe in Rules of Thumb.
    Professor Mason


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