Journal entry 10 & 11

Journal entry#10

So the week started out well I had an excellent interview with Avis. The only thing left to do was the drug screening, I left after the hiring managers said they would contact me in twenty-four hours. I needed a job, to be honest; I have not worked since January. The plan before I left my last job was to finish up the spring semester and then find something more flexible. I did my calculations, and there was enough money in my bank account to last me until the end of the summer. The spring semester finished and the summer started, but everything was still looking good. I managed to budget myself enough, and I hardly used up my funds; Even though, I still ate, drank, and partied like I had a guaranteed paycheck. I guess the little freelance gigs my older cousin would put me on to helped significantly. One thing led to another, and my funds ran out, thanks, City Tech Financial Aid Center. Back to Avis, they never scheduled me for the drug-screening guess they forgot about me whatever everything happens for a reason. I told myself after quitting G.I.A. back in January that the next job I have will be in my field or something else I enjoy, so for the next few days, I had to reevaluate my situation and find that focus. The drive returned I found myself not stressing over poor finances, and the negative energy transformed into an active force that now propels me towards a goal.


Journal entry #11

Feeling good, highly favored, and focused I have decided to sort some old work and created a folder for possible portfolio pieces. On Tuesday morning, I woke up expecting an email from Scott or Naeem with work to complete, but there was nothing. I decided to contact them after a few hours, so I sent an email with the subject reading, “Touching base.” The body copy read, “Hey guys, Hope all is well; I did not receive any feedback on the cards completed from last week, so hope it is safe to say you guys liked them. Also, there are a few projects I am currently working on that will probably keep me busy throughout the week, but I can take care of anything sent my way between now and five o’clock.” About an hour later I received an email from Naeem requesting a card for photographer Greg Swells new work for Elle. There were thirteen pictures, in the zipped file; ten of them were brown with a warm feel, and the other three were monochromatic. I decided to place four photos at the bottom, six above and then three at the top with the photographer’s name on the right, and logo on the left. Once finished I sent the Greg’s card to Scott and Naeem, they responded right away with praises, telling me they loved it and how much they appreciate my help.

Greg Swales NewElle

That was the only assignment I received for the day. I decided to edit one of the old projects I placed in the folder that contained possible portfolio pieces. The project I came across is a campaign for Naked Juice, so I am going to revamp the project. Originally it was a group project from Campaign Design I. We had a good idea, but it was poorly executed, so I am going to start there.

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