This semester has been one big roller coaster; there were some high and low points, not just academically but life in general. I started off this semester feeling pretty confident; the spring semester was good, and my summer break was excellent. Without a reason to doubt myself walking into the fall semester; even though, I did not have an internship as yet. Professor Mason gave me a substantial lead right away, which solved my internship problem. I got lucky, the fact that I did not have a portfolio due to my expert procrastination abilities, the possibility of me landing an internship by applying online were slim to none. I also left my full-time job because they were not flexible enough. I felt like that was a good way to get me focused on seeking out freelance jobs and focusing on school.

This semester I took three courses; Internship, Design Team, and Campaign Development II. Figured this was the best route to take, leaving Senior Project and Portfolio for the spring. In all honesty, I am grateful for all of my professors this semester they were all super helpful. Professor Fikaris was very motivational with his high level of energy and because of him, I was able to push myself and get out of a slum. Professor Franklin provided a fresh laid-back approach to creative thinking, which helped me to come over a huge “brain-fart” I experienced mid-semester. Just being in the same room as Professor Mason watching how he pays attention and the interest he takes in his students’ internship stories, always made me feel like I had someone on my side.

My eyes have opened; I have found new motivation from my peers in this course my situation is no heavier than someone else. I am humbled and appreciate ever experience more, understanding where someone who procrastinates measures up in the world of advertising.

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