Huseyin Akis – Blog Entry #9

It’s October 20, 2015, I’ve been interning at City Tech Image & Visual Communications for over about a month now. I am quite satisfied with interning here, however there is one complaint I have. I wished there were new Mac’s I could do my work on. Carrying my laptop everyday is a hassle, because I always have to ask somebody to take it out for me and to plug in the charger.

I would assume since this place is a Visual Communications office, there would be new mac’s. Just about a month ago, somebody from City Tech came into the office, to throw out the old computers. It’s too bad the school doesn’t always replace them with new machines. I believe the school should replace the old Mac’s with the new Mac’s, especially in the Visual Communications office.

Today started with hot tea and a breakfast sandwich that I brought from home. I ate and drank tea, while I fired up my Macbook Pro. In about a few minutes, I started revising the City Tech Wi-Fi logo. The logo depicts three curved shapes; that represents the Wi-Fi signal, with the words City in one and Tech in the other, and so forth. One of revisions I made was; I changed the tittle of the lowercase I’s to a round dot. The second revision I made was; I thickened the letter E of the word Tech. For the final revision, I moved the letter’s “I “ and F of the word Wi-Fi, to the edge of the curve.

Near the end of the day, Mr. Vargas came to my desk, and said to me “you’re almost there”. I’m glad he said that because I’ve been working on this logo for a while now.


One thought on “Huseyin Akis – Blog Entry #9

  1. Joel Mason

    Dear Huseyin,
    It will be interesting to see how the final logo looks. Try posting it when it’s finished. Also, check on rules for using the apostrophe. For example you write “Mac’s.” However, you don’t need to add the apostrophe. In this case, you’re simply describing the fact that the office has several Macs (also remember to capitalize the word Mac since it’s short for Macintosh which is a proper noun.

    Professor Mason


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