Journal Entry 12

I should know better by now that my supervisors are not consistent. Thought they would have contacted me with some work, but I am not complaining because I have much work to do. Started the Cover for City Tech’s Seventy-sixth Honor’s Convocation. Next Monday it should be ready for print, so I guess no more putting off completing the typography. After an hour of selecting from my long list of combinations and positioning my choice to my liking, I am ready to try a few different fills in Illustrator. Finally settling on a gradient that I tweaked a little, I chose about three yellows and moved around the slider until I was satisfied. Now since the project is almost due, it is time for some feedback; I try to send it out to the instructor, Professor Fikaris is this case, and I usually send it to a few friends ones of the same interest and that are not. Because this file is for print, the color mode is set to CMYK, but I am sending it via multimedia messaging and emailing it; I usually export as a low-res RBG jpg format.


As for constructive criticism, my professor said, “enlarge the text just a little more and do the same to the school logos on the back of the cover.” A friend of mine thought I should add a stroke to the silhouette of the city skyline. Overall though everyone liked it, and I did as well, but in all honesty, I did not put much effort into this piece.

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