Monthly Archives: March 2015

Entry #5

In addition to having the chance to go to the Brooklyn Museum, I also went to Borough Hall to photograph at an event. I had never been there and wow, the court room is absolutely magnificent. I was really impressed with the architecture.

The event was “Places: Art Along the Brooklyn Waterfront Conference” hosted by the Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center. It featured many artists who, in some way, work along the Brooklyn waterfront. Some important people spoke there, such as Thomas Finkelpearl, Commissioner, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

I was a little nervous because there were certain specific photos that needed to be taken, such as the Commissioner with other key people at the event. Luckly, I was able to gather them and take the shot.

The event consisted of four different panels with 4/5 people. I had in mind that I had to take pictures of each group as a whole, and also of each person speaking. I had to keep walking around the court room in order to find the best angle of each participant, and try to make the shots look interesting. Hopefully I was able to do so!

One thing that I had to work on was my fear of being too intrusive as I went up front to take close-up shots. This was the first time I had to be so close to my object of focus, but it ended up being okay. After all, those people being photographed were already the center of attention, so they didn’t feel embarrassed or anything.

Not only was it nice to have that different setting to take pictures in, but the conference was very informative. I learned about so many exciting art-related companies that reside near City Tech and events that they host. I’ll definitely be checking them out, especially with the nice weather finally approaching us.

The event went on for a total of 4 hours and I got something close to 300 shots in total. Now my job is to curate which photos are best and edit what needs to be improved. They will be up on the Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center website.

Humberto MV (Journal entry 9)

Finally back to a working flow at bridge agency. It feels like I haven’t left since the summer. My first assignment back was to take a look a footage that the creative director took from a party on St. Patrick’s Day. I had to pick shots in the clip and cut them up in adobe premier, then from those clips I had to put them together into a music track and create like a montage music video of the event. Later during the week my second task was to create a logo for their upcoming web series brand building. The name is still a work in progress, but I was tasked to come up with ideas for the logo. I had to use my time wisely in switching between finishing the video and creating the logo.

Humberto MV (Journal entry 8)

The sachin and babi internship is not for me. It is mostly me laying out templates for their seasonal magazine book for fashion week of each season. They have a layout already and all they want me to do is just replace the pictures for the newest ones and the copy that’s it. Its just copy and paste like a robot. I wont learn anything there, not even the postproduction of the print of the book. The printing company handles all of that. I am sure they will also have me doing office administrative things and go get coffee and other things like that. I have declined their offer as well. I will go back to bridge agency tomorrow.

Humberto MV (Journal entry 7)

The moderns interview went very well, but their office are still being constructed and have a lot of cables and power tools lying around. Looks more like a construction and architecture internship than a design internship. Nothing is set up to work on designs. The person who interviewed me said he wasn’t sure when I could start. This is a disappointment. I felt like it would have been a good fit for me as I would learn the brainstorming stage of a design or campaign and followed through to the final execution. I can’t wait for until they are ready to take in clients again. Hopefully the sachin and babi interview works out to get the internship.

Humberto MV (Journal entry 6)

I finally got the call back for the moderns design agency. It took a while; I thought they had forgotten the whole internship interview. The interview is set up for this Friday at their new location. Hopefully all goes well in the interview. I have learned about searching and applying for internships/jobs. This will prepare me for the eventual job hunt after I graduate. The best place to search for internships are:,, and LinkedIn is more for job search than internships. I don’t really find many post for internships. Another place I got an interview for is Sachin and Babi. It is a fashion design firm where they create new designs. It looks like it’s promising also. It is a new market I can go into to expand my experience to fashion market. I’ve also applied to a couple of part time graphic design and video editing jobs. Since I can’t work full time and I need an income. times are touch.

Humberto MV (Journal entry 5)

This week’s interview also went well. It was for a newly started company called Freedom for all mankind or F.O.A.M for short. They are just starting and their website is launching soon. They need help with motion graphics and storyboarding. It seems like a perfect fit, but it doesn’t look like they are ready to immediately launch. I would be working on their pre launch ideas like a video where they show they are and what they do and their message. Their brand and message is to create a community for artist and creators to get and network with each other and not only with just artist but local business in communities to get design work done for them. They also promote a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly ideology. It seems like a message I can relate to and find creative ways to promote the company to create the community, but I feel they are still sort of a long way that I wont gain much from this.

Humberto MV (Journal entry 4)

The first two interviews went very well. They were not what I was looking for. The first one was a small company called private party island sells cheap party items such as hats, new years glasses etc. they would have me do new designs for their hat collections. The designs would consist of trending this such as the marijuana leaf, common memes used in social medias. I would also retouch the photos of their products and models wearing the products. The environment there is very messy, unprofessional and it just smelled like cigarettes. It was a two-man team but both would just smoke inside. This was definitely not a place I wanted to intern in. the second one was way better. It was a New York based company for men’s shaving products. It was more organized; they would have me do their photo retouches for their products and marketing design for both print and web. They would also have me doing their advertising and illustrations. The only catch is that they want a 25-hour commitment and unfortunately I can’t do those hours. I had to decline the internship because of it. Hopefully the one next week works out better for me

Humberto MV (Journal Entry 3)

I finally got some responses. I’ve got two interviews this week and one next week. The moderns design agency also responded to my email and wants to do an interview with me, but there is a few problems with that. The first one is that next week they are going to a client workshop in Paris and the week after that they are in the process of moving to a different bigger location. They said they would get back at me as soon as they can. I just hope its not too late. The moderns seem like the ideal place to work in. It is a smaller scale ad agency and would simulate the working conditions of agencies like Y&R or wondermann. I’ve had a taste of whats like to work in the wonderman design agency. before the semester started I participated in a design contest with the one club called the one club bootcamp. This bootcamp puts the participants into teams and gets a client with a brief and we have to create an ad campaign out of the brief and what the client want us the designers to solve for them. The client we had was coca cola and their problem for us to solve was to innovate and make their my coke rewards more geared towards the youth and to embrace all of the coke products under one rewards system. It was a great learning experience to work with others from around the city with different ideas and approaches to tackle the problem at hand.

Humberto MV (Journal Entry 2)

I almost went into school for class this week. I still have to get used to this format, but I feel it is to get us more independent and take more responsibility for ourselves and be on top of things, as no one will hold our hand through this process. I’ve sent out about 10 emails to companies from post on monster, indeed and simply hired websites. I haven’t heard from them for a few days now. I will wait a few more days to send a follow up email to see if they gotten a chance to read my resume and request for an interview with them. I am still very wary of replying to post on craigslist. It seems unprofessional and very shady as some post don’t tell which companies they are, who are they, what they do and where are they located.

Humberto MV (Journal Entry 1)

Today was the first day of the class. It is weird that the class only meets once every two weeks. Hopefully I don’t forget that I don’t have class next week. From now until next week I will be preparing my cover letters and resume to send to potential employers looking for an intern to work with them. To be frank I don’t really know where to start looking for internship or which site is more reliable to get an internship. I am going to have to rely on Google. Looks like Google will be my friend for the internship search. At least professor Mason gave us a list of potential internships to start off and have as back ups. I am going to try and find an illustration or motion graphics internship, as those are the positions that most interest me in learning more of. Another back up I have is my old internship at bridge agency I did during the summer. Lets see how this week goes with the internship search.