Monthly Archives: January 2015

Journal#1 Josephine Woods

Beginning of  fall semester 2014 I decided I wanted to find an internship for spring 2015, however I didn’t know how or where to start looking. A classmate of mine told me to go to the COMD office and ask for help, and when I went to the office the administrative assistant told me to go downstairs to the placement office. I went to the placement office and one of the ladies who worked there helped me get started to finding an internship. She told me to sign up on the optimal resource website and create a resume. once I did that I had access to all the internship and job opportunities.

Within a week the placement office had emailed me at least five different internships, which was not paid internships nor were they in my major. Than I received an email about this program called Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program (BTTIP), which I had to pass three phases before I was actually got accepted into the program. I passed all three phases and they helped me land a paid internship with New York App Designer, which builds mobile websites for small business. I don’t start my internship until February 9 but i’m so excited to see where this takes me and how far I can go in life after college.

Wednesday January 28 was the first day of my internship class. Professor Mason give the class a outline of how the internship class works, he told us that this class is more of the “Experimental” which means out in the field work, working with the companies. Experiencing the real world, not class world. I am so looking forward to working in “real” life.