Filicia Hopkinson Journal Entry 1

Today is September 17, 2015 I finally started writing my journal but I am honestly not sure what to say. A few weeks ago I got some advice about my portfolio and resume, they need some touching up before I should arrange any interviews for my internship. I have decided to start on my website portfolio due to it being my one of the ways I will be showing my portfolio. I started off by thinking if whether my website would be responsive or unresponsive. I decided to go down the responsive route since I was not sure when and how the website would be viewed. So far I have finished designing the homepage, about, resume, and portfolio page all that is left is the coding. Along the way I was debating on whether I wanted the website to be one page or just a regular website, currently I am leaning more towards a regular website. However, halfway through I had to stop and take a break, while on that break I begun to think about my future, my career. “Did I want to keep doing this until I was 50? Do I even love Web Design anymore? I liked coding websites, but that was it.” The more I started thinking about it the more I realized that I probably do not like Web Design anymore. Maybe when I’m done with college and my internships I should take a break from it for a while, maybe I will fall back in love with it…Or maybe I’ll just become an electrician or plumber.

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  1. Joel Mason

    Dear Filicia,

    Right now it may seem that becoming a web designer is not the right career choice for you. I’d suggest not projecting too far into the future. Once you get a job in the field, you may feel very differently. In the meantime, finish that website as soon as you can!
    Professor Mason


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