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In the article of “Creation Myth”, there are two things that get my attention.  “Steve Jobs” and “Apple”.  In my mind, Steve Jobs and Apple are one entity, they are not separate.  He was a businessman who was best known as the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc.

Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer in October 2003. He announced to his employees that he had a cancerous tumor in his pancreas.  At the end, he died in his home on October 5, 2011.  When Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 56.  It was so sad to say he died at 56 because he was very young.   He was a successful entrepreneur.  We lost a genius in the world.

Even though he was a billionaire, he could not save his life.  Sometime, people say that health is more important than money.  It is true, no matter how rich you are, you cannot save your life.  If you are a billionaire, and you were to die today, your money would be useless.

However, I think money can extend your life.  You would be able to buy precious food such as ginseng, that is good for your health, or some medicine that can extend your life.  On the other hand, it is very expensive.  Normally, it is not for us, because we do not have extra money to buy it  I believe that money cannot cure your illness, but it can extend your life.   Another way, you can extend your life is do more exercise.  It is good for your health.

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  1. Joel Mason

    Dear Yuen Mai,

    I’m glad you read the Creation Myth article. Steve Jobs’ death at the age of 56 was certainly a great loss. However, it would be more relevant to write about what made Jobs such a force in the business world.
    Professor Mason


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