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Travis Montalvo Blog#9

Ninth Entry: October 29th. In much of my exhaustion, I find time to space out and sketch. Endlessly illustrating and mocking up something from my imagination with pencil and paper is therapeutic. It allows me to step away from all technology and distractions of the real word to just, be me (as if I’m not already). I can admittedly say I am exhausted, but I’m just around the bend. Senior Project, Interning, WORK, and finally my third class “Interactive Design” have left me running around with my head off. It’s all too much, however I’ve been getting through most of my work by making an old fashioned To-Do-List.

Making a hierarchy of things I must accomplish before I can move onto my next task, seems to work fairly well. Checking off each thing as I go along! Wiping my brow in relief once it complete! I never knew the satisfaction of just scratching off a title on a list, as if you wanted to die, until just recently.

Apart from doing a couple of Twitter posts at the Sprint Internship, we’ve been trying to get the rest of the marketing Team on board with Snapchat. I try to contribute at least 3 days of the week to interning at roughly 6 hours. They aren’t always available when I am, but I’d like to say I’m on the right track. So far Kevin says he’s logged about 39 hrs. Which is very impressive, the time has kind of been flying. The company sort of needs and edgier side. For example: John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, is a character in his own right. I follow his antics online because he’s so flamboyant and obnoxious. He’s a direct reflection of his company. You’re not just providing a service, you are providing an experience. It’s one of the things we try not immolate with our new approaches, but we have to acknowledge it to become better.

Our department submitted a few ideas a couple weeks ago regarding how we’re “setting the stage in wireless”, and the Advertising Team in Kansas kindle ran with it, into a unique direction with their “Listen up Campaign”. It’s basically a commercial where a real life situation is made fun of, like a sitcom and Sprint’s promotion kind of saves the day. The minute the video is available online, I’ll try to post it up.  It’s nice to know you helped contribute to a bigger idea.

My more concrete work recently has been, drafting up a few Flyers for new product announcements and plans. They’re somewhat conservative here, but they appreciate my “youthful eyes” as they call it.

Hanwool Kang Internship blog #9

As I mentioned earlier, The artwing ny is now trying to launch brand new production company called Big production and events. They hired me to do make a web site for that. However they asked me to do logo design first and then web design. I didn’t know why they want me to do logo design instead of another intern who is majoring in graphic design, but I accepted. There was no reason for not taking the job.

They wanted very simple logo design. They didn’t want graphic logo, but letter logo using old fashion typewriter font style. I thought that is much easier, but this was not going well. While I sketched logo, I realized that it is really hard to design logo using only letters. I meant it is not hard to design logo, but that is normal logo. I wanted amazing logo or fantastic logo. I sketched four pages logo and converted it digitally. I sent it to them. I’m waiting for confirm.

Yuen Mai Wong – Blog #9

In the article of “Social Animal”, I would like to share a few thought on “His inner-mind training began before birth. Even when he was in the womb, he was listening for his mother’s voice, and being molder by it.”

Some experts say it may be possible to teach a baby before birth. A baby can hear sounds from about 23 weeks of pregnancy. If a baby hears the same sounds regularly in womb, he will know them once he is born. Therefore, the particular language that your baby hears in the womb may be easier for him to learn later in life. I also heard that if you eat shrimp, crab or beef when you are pregnant, your baby will have allergies when they are born.

Whether or not there is any evidence to prove what they say, I still choose to believe it. Whatever is good for my baby, I will do it. If it can help him to learn more easily later in life, why am I not do it? It is easy to do, you just let him listen to the particular language. If I am pregnant, I will follow what they suggested to do. I am not eating any shrimp, crab or beef for ten months, even I like to eat all of them.

I will only do it for ten months and it will change my baby’s life and may make him smarter and healthier. I think it is worth it.  Most parents will do anything for their child.


Yuen Mai Wong – Blog #8

Susan Kikuchi is my friend, she has a day job at an accounting firm, but she wants to change her job to a freelance position related to graphic design. Then, her working hours will be flexible. That is what she wants, she does not want to work office hours from 9 am to 5 pm.  Therefore, she is studying to be a graphic designer part-time at a university.  She never hesitates to learn something new. She is trying to establish herself in this industry.

She has recently started working as a graphic designer. She works alone and in her home and she shares a house with a friend from school.  This is her first time taking on a project. She does not know how to negotiate how much she should charge her clients.  Some of her friends told her that she should estimate how much hours will be spend on this project.  Then she may know how much she should charge for her client.  She is also thinking to change her freelancing part-time to full time and work for clients around the world in the future.

I am writing about her situation because I also want to be a freelance graphic designer. Her dream is the same as mine.  Flexible working hour is very good, I can do anything that I want to do at daytime and I can work any time that I want.  It is so free.  The important thing for me to do now is to work hard on my studies and to graduate.

Huseyin Akis – Blog Entry #9

It’s October 20, 2015, I’ve been interning at City Tech Image & Visual Communications for over about a month now. I am quite satisfied with interning here, however there is one complaint I have. I wished there were new Mac’s I could do my work on. Carrying my laptop everyday is a hassle, because I always have to ask somebody to take it out for me and to plug in the charger.

I would assume since this place is a Visual Communications office, there would be new mac’s. Just about a month ago, somebody from City Tech came into the office, to throw out the old computers. It’s too bad the school doesn’t always replace them with new machines. I believe the school should replace the old Mac’s with the new Mac’s, especially in the Visual Communications office.

Today started with hot tea and a breakfast sandwich that I brought from home. I ate and drank tea, while I fired up my Macbook Pro. In about a few minutes, I started revising the City Tech Wi-Fi logo. The logo depicts three curved shapes; that represents the Wi-Fi signal, with the words City in one and Tech in the other, and so forth. One of revisions I made was; I changed the tittle of the lowercase I’s to a round dot. The second revision I made was; I thickened the letter E of the word Tech. For the final revision, I moved the letter’s “I “ and F of the word Wi-Fi, to the edge of the curve.

Near the end of the day, Mr. Vargas came to my desk, and said to me “you’re almost there”. I’m glad he said that because I’ve been working on this logo for a while now.


Huseyin Akis – Blog Entry #8

It’s October 19, 2015, it has been one month since; I’ve started interning at City Tech Image & Visual Communications. The experience interning here has been great. I’m learning about how to go in depth with my logo developing and masking skills in Photoshop CC 2014. Interning here, has allowed me to work hard and fully concentrate on projects.

I’m still working on the City Tech Wi-Fi logo. The illustration of the logo depicts three curved shapes, they represent a Wi-Fi signal and each shape has typography in them. For, example one of the curved shapes spells out City and the other Tech, and so forth. Mr. Vargas, asked me today to use a different font but, only for the letter “C” of City. He wanted me to use an extended typeface in bold. This way the letter “C” is evenly spaced, between the other letters.

I found the perfect font called Micro Extended FLF and turned the typeface bold. Now, it was time to kern the space, between the letters of the word City. The thickness of the T and Y’s base was thicker compared to the “I”. When, I created outlined text; I had to resize some of the letters, so they can fit inside the curved shape. I made the adjustments, by using the direct selection tool. I brought in the points closer, at the edges of the “T” and “Y”. In order to thin out the width, so its width is the same as the “I”.

The goal was to find an extended font, to use for the letter C in bold. This way the letter C would be thick enough, to leave less negative space in between the letters. I can, gladly say the goal was accomplished today!

Hanwool Kang Internship blog #8

One day I talked about my situation with my supervisor at the lunchtime. First of all, I’m an international student from South Korea and I’m about to graduate. It’s time to make a decision either staying here or going back to my country. I want to build my career, which is web designer in here, but it is not easy to get a job for international students. Basically international students who have F-1 visa go back to their country after graduate school. If you want to stay more, you have to find a company that will sponsor you. The company has to pay more taxes for hiring foreigner. That means you are supposed to have super talent. In terms of web designer, my career is not quite bright, because so many people can make web site and many companies offer templates website for free. That means that one and only way to survive here is to have ability to make amazing web sites.

Travis Montalvo Blog#8

Eighth Entry: October 21st

In the 21 hours I’ve spent working in the Sprint’s Marketing Office at 1166, I’ve come to realize that the Marketing Team always has something new they want to brainstorm and usually comes up with several ideas that we end up filtering down to three. It’s feels like the Design Team course in a lot of ways. Every time I arrive, the procedure is identically to one another.

When I first head into the building, I show my ID-badge and all my bags are scanned through security. I arrive on the second floor, where am buzzed in by the Front Desk Guard who signs me in (this helps Kevin confirmed what time I arrive and what time I leave). I walk down the hall to our conference room where I meet with Anna, Ron, Mikel and Jose, the Market team members. We essentially have refreshments and get ourselves situated before we begin to go over promotions that working and those that aren’t.

Local businesses are then brought up, in which we go over planning outbound events for these business and how we are going to prepare Flyers. I log-on to the workstations there, where they have Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, as well as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. These are other programs in the computer but these are the 4 that the use the most. Most of the Flyers are mocked on InDesign, while the Images are retouched in Photoshop.

There have been two occasions in which I visited that we only worked on Tweets, nothing visual at all. We had to phrase different promotions so that they linked to the correct Hashtags and Websites while staying within the appropriate 140-character count for Twitter. After we narrowed them down to a few, we sent them out for approval.

Hanwool Kang Internship blog#7

In class, I read a pretty interesting article titled “Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture” by Chantal Panozzo. In short, the author who moved to Switzerland for almost a decade compares and contrasts two cultures: America and Switzerland.

First thing I was surprised about is workers’ income. The average Swiss workers’ income is about $91,000 a year while the average America is about $55,000. I thought Swiss is a small country in Europe and America is one of the biggest countries economically. I was totally wrong.

In addition, if you eat lunch at your desk to save your work time, your boss smiles. In Swiss, however, your boss and co-worker scold you. Lunchtime is sacred time in Switzerland.

My country, which is Korea, is the same as United States. Everybody looks busy and social welfare is really poor. People can’t even spend whole vacation. Many politicians try to improve social welfare but still it needs some change. As an international student who needs to get a job, this article makes me think about where I should work.

Hanwool Kang Internship blog #6

I want to talk about business manners. Last week, I had an appointment with my supervisor to talk about project I’m working on. He scheduled at 1:00 pm, but he didn’t show up over the 30minute. Since I didn’t know his phone number, I email him to see he was coming. After 10 minute later, I got email from him. He said that he got stuck at his office on big job that he had to handle. I was upset because he didn’t say anything until I emailed him. I think that is so mean. I understand it can be happened. Life is unpredictable. I think he should have told me earlier. As an intern, I am not very important person for him. However, I thought it is really important meeting and I spent more than 2hours to go to Manhattan from Queens. I believe that keeping appointment is very important in business. I hope it is not going to happen again.