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In the article “Gross Domestic Freebie”, it says that Skype has reduced the amount of money because of free Smartphone  apps.  The new technologies have always driven out the old ones.  However, this is good for us. These apps help us a lot, are fun and help us save money.

I remember that several years ago, I also used Skype to talk with friends, but now I am not using Skype any more.  There are  a lot of free Smartphone apps that I can download from the Play Store.  I am using  WeChat and Whatsapp  instead of Skype.  It is very useful and helpful.

In my situation, the free apps can help me save money.  Usually, I am not using my phone to call or text to my friends if I can use Wi-Fi.  It is because to text message and calls are not unlimited. Whenever I call or text to my friends, it will automatically deduct  minutes from my phone.  Usually, I buy one thousand minutes for one hundred dollars.  For me,  I can use it for half a year or longer.  Certainly, it depends on how much time that I use my phone.  You can imagine how much money I can save.

Therefore, the new technologies, free Smartphone apps are good for us,  and it is useful and helpful.   Now, I can use these apps for international calls, video calls, text messaging, send pictures and more.  If these apps did not exit, our world would be different.


One thought on “Yuen Mai Wong – Blog #4

  1. Joel Mason

    Dear Yuen Mai,
    As the article points out, we live in a world of disruptive technologies. Trying to measure the economic impact of these technologies can be difficult to determine. You are right to point out how quickly new apps can change the way we communicate. Companies like Uber are also having a big impact on the taxi business using new technology to empower individuals.
    Professor Mason


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