Journal Entry 14 & 15

Post #14

This has been a pretty productive week; I have been working hard and learning a few new things. Scott and Naeem reached out; they wanted another card for Photographer Greg Swales. The shoot they sent over was just beautiful. The photos delivered sexy, elegant, and upscale extremely well. I was asked to create two cards from the files sent; the photos were all from the same shoot so the cards might look similar, so I wrote an email expressing that, and they understood. I completed the two cards; Scott conveyed how blown away he was by responding, “Amazing!” I deiced to take this opportunity to thank him for his kind words about my work and remind him that the semester is coming to an end. I expressed that I would like to meet soon to complete my evaluation form and time-sheet.

Greg Swales_NewStory1 Greg Swales_NewStory2

This week I have also revisited the TEDx Talk: How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint, by David JP Phillips. David spoke about all the horrible ways people designed PowerPoint’s and gave solution on how to create a successful one. David explained the common mistakes like having a bright background, an enormous body of text, and large headlines. He shared that we should have one message per slide, use contrast and size to stare focus, avoid using sentences if speaking at the same time, use a dark background, and only six items per slide. This was extremely helpful to create my PowerPoint for my final presentation.


Post #15

I am really in the zone, super focused and challenging myself. Oh, and I have yet to hear back from the good folks of ArtWing NY to complete my evaluation, so I explained my situation to Professor Mason, and he said, “I will have to get in contact with Scott this is unacceptable.” With the semester coming to an end that means I have final projects to complete; I was finishing up my book cover design for The City Tech Writer 2016 Volume 11. I also have an assignment where Professor Craig Franklin a social media driven event for the last project presented. We all had to create a non-headline driven campaign for a mobile app of our choice. Mine was a wine app by Taste Wine Co; the app is used to educate about wine, and it assist users in finding the right wine for them. Last but not least finish up my final presentation for this class.

So for the City Tech Writers book cover, I did everything in Adobe Illustrator, and I mean everything. I used some shading and highlighting techniques I came up with by tweaking different effects. I also needed a beveled & embossed effect for my text, which took a few layers and effects, because just converting the text to 3D does not create clean enough look. The final product came out beautiful everyone said, “you could see my hard work show.” It felt superb to hear comments like that.


As for the social media driven event for the Taste Wine Co app. I decided to use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I designed the Ad then I displayed it in an Instagram mock-up. I chose to partner with (RED) and do a wine tasting event. I thought that was a good way to utilize the app and a good way to gather people, the majority of proceeds for red wine purchased would go towards (RED)’s movement to ” to deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION.”




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