Journal entry #5

I woke up to a bunch of emails from Scott and I cannot say I liked the tone, it read as if he was angry. Scott was upset that I do not reply to every single email he sends; he started making statements like if things do not change soon, working remote may not be the best option. Scott said the coffee shop where we interviewed could be a place to meet and work every Tuesday. I was not too fond of that idea because I do not remember that place being the best environment for work. So I explained that I do not have a problem with the current set up. I told Scott that last week there were a few network issues on my end, and I also stated that I am only committing to an eight-hour workweek from 9 am to 5 pm on Tuesday’s. In the beginning, this was the same agreement, but I want to believe that he forget due to all the things going on with the renovation and the expansion of his business. I only found out about the increase because the classmate I gave Scott’s contact to also secured an internship but not for ArtWing NY. The internship was for a new business venture to design and code a website; nonetheless, Scott and I quickly resolved out communication issues and got back to business right away. Things were better than ever he was giving more direction and showed understanding when I did not reply to an email right away if it is outside of our scheduled work time. I explained that school and my personal life could get a little overwhelming sometimes, and he understood. The promotional cards became a lot easier to produce as well and, to be honest, I enjoy the work I do for Scott hopefully things continue to flow this smooth between us.



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