Journal entry #7

Time seems to be moving so fast it is already mid-October my birthday week. Oh, my birthday? October 14th in case you were wondering and yes the class met. Unfortunately, I suddenly came down with a horrible 24hr virus, so I could not make it to class. My best friend thought it would be better if she treated me to lunch, drinks, and a visit to the spa. She figured a massage and aromatherapy would help relieve some tension. In all honesty, I have been under some stress, but I am probably causing it by overthinking and doubting myself. Overthinking things like my age and what I still need to accomplish; questioning my ability to complete a portfolio and getting a start on my career. For instance, I am grateful for the opportunity to be interning for ArtWing NY, but I do not feel like there is any challenge and there is also the fact that I am not able to network and experience the culture of the company. Questions like am I wasting my time would cross my mind, but then I would remember even though this may not be the ideal internship there is still a purpose. If for nothing else but to satisfy the hours needed for the course that brings me a step closer to graduation. Procrastination has also become a prominent issue, but it is not like I am just sitting around doing nothing; nonetheless I could prioritize more. These are the thoughts that arise even more around my birthday another year added as my age goes up; I guess it has to do with realizing that I am not getting any younger. As you may have noticed the massage and aromatherapy were needed.

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