Hanwool Kang Internship blog #14

In class, I watched a video about presentation. Presentation is really important for us. I mean people in design area. We all know that. the video changed mu whole thought about presentation. The vide categorized five keywords: one message per a slide, working memory, size, contrast and six object per a slide.

First of all, “one message per slide’ means literally a slide should have one message. Human brain is not good as much as people think. If a slide has more than one message, people forget 80% of message in 6 seconds.

second, “working memory” means slides should hot have sentences. People’s brain doesn’t work reading and listening together. So if slides have sentences, people can’t listen your speaking.

Third, people focus on four things: moving object, contrast object, bug object and signaling color(red, orange, green).  That means you should use the four elements when you make slides to catch people’s eyes.

Four, “contrast control you focus” means you don’t need fancy, beautiful, elegance background. White text on dark plain background is enough.

Last, “six object per slide” means literally a slide should not have more than six object like head line, image, or keywords. Amount of slides in powerpoint is not a problem. It is the amount of object per slides.

This video was pretty interesting. I will have presentation for internship class. I will try as much as I learned from this video



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