Journal 15

I am reaching the end of my semester. So far I have learned the easy way and the hard way. I learned that managing time correctly is an effective way to keep you moving forward. I’ve had difficult moments, due to not knowing how to deal with the pressure of meeting deadlines. This semester I had many projects to work on. Having a lot of things to do, and a limited time frame , frustrates me. I could not determine which project deserved more of my attention, because I did not organize them in terms of importance based on the period they should be presented. Its hard to balance life and school.

Life is always changing, things are not always going to be as expected. There were times that I wanted to quit everything, because I felt that everything I was doing seemed to be going nowhere. It does matter how good you are, what talent you poses there are things in life that will challenge to go through tough times. Notwithstanding, after I took some time to clear my mind from negative thoughts, learn that during those hard moments its where the real growth takes place. When you know within yourself that you must continue and not let anything stop you, you will go beyond your own expectations. I thought to myself, that this is what I want. This is what I stand for. I will give my best to finishing all my projects. I stopped worrying if I was going fail or not. All I care now is to give my best and to learn to develop myself to a better state.

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