Hanwool Kang Internship blog #15

This blog post is going to be my last blog post. For the last, I want to talk about my presentation and what I learn from internship.

On Dec 9th, I had a presentation about my internship experience. I tried as much as I learned from a video called “How to avoid death from powerpoint” by David JP Phillips. After I presented my first internship experience. I thought it was not good presentation. I used white text on plain dark blue background and I don’t use big and highlight headline. Also I tried not to have more than six objects per slide and I use keywords instead of sentences. After my presentation, I thought it might be better if I have more information about me and more talk about what I learn from internship. More over I need to practice my speaking skill.

Internship in Artwing NY was my first internship. One thing I didn’t like is that I don’t have any experience of culture and environment of office. This is because of Artwing’s office is being renovated. I have never been office. What I did is design a logo and building web-side for new launching company named Big production. My supervisor was good person personally, but he was too busy. I have waited many time for project. Overall my experience was good. Now I have get a job. I’m pretty sure that life at work will be better.

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