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More Knowledge

During this past week using the laptops and searching with different strategies have shown me that there are many other ways to search in the computer, rather than only using Google, being that that is the only search engine I use. I’ve learned new websites and search strategies that would be more helpful to me for any future research project that ¬†I would have. Its great that I found new ways to help me go beyond my way of searching in the internet and makes it easier for me to apply these new skills so that I can get better information.

Research Assignment

When mentioning a 5 to 8 page paper its usually scary for me to think of what given topics I can write so much about. I have to think of which topic is of¬†best interest to me and what am I going to enjoy¬† writing about since its long paper. I make my self a small draft and write down what I can write about to make things more easier. This helps out a lot and by then things go more smoother and I’m more comfortable writing my paper. I would really enjoy though if the Research paper was¬†a Broader topic, that way it would be more exciting to write about it.

How a Search Engine Works

Search engines are developed mainly for consumers to search the network. A search engine matches queries which then creates an index. Basically a Search Engine has a lot of functions that is put to work when a consumer is searching for his/her engine. A search engine has four essential modules a document processor ,a query processor,a search and matching function ,a ranking capability. Lets say when you are focusing on the search and matching in the search engine, you will probably get something you were or were not looking for because that was only one out of four search engine modules. while searching the search engine goes through different processes that we would not think of at the time that we are performing the search. With a click of a button all this information that we are looking for is being processed and in one second it is found.


In the article by Isserman we know that Plagiarism is not good and no one should use anybody Else’s work for his or her purpose. We say plagiarism is bad but we still do it, in the case of the president of Hamilton College, either he did not do it intentionally or for him  plagiarism was going to be ok. In his case he had to resigned which was the best thing to do considering he was the president of the college and should be the romodel of the students, but yet he still did it. We know that there is a serious consequence for plagiarism but for some of us its a risk we are willing to take.



Copy right

Copyright is one of the main principles that should be followed.¬† It is a method that is used for us the, society,¬† to not¬†take any author’s work and rebuild on it or copy it. Copyright is the best way to give credit to the author’s work. That way the author makes profit for what he or she created and does not loose that profit for as long as he lives, and even afterwards. Copyright comes from way back at the times when media was exposing what authors had to show about there work.


















The Charms of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the best website in the internet or maybe not. For many years this creation of Wikipedia has been out there and it is a very useful website that helps out a lot. To me Wikipedia is a great site that i use all the time when i have to do research or if its something i don’t know about i will look it up. others may say Wikipedia may not be the best resourceful website because anyone can edit the articles. I support Wikipedia and it will always be on the top of the list since thousands of people use it.

Media Convergence

Media is the essential part of every human being. Media started of in newspapers to only a certain amount of people. now it is shown   across the globe with development on the internet, radio, phones and t.v. and more. The best part of the media convergence is that everyone believes we should all have equal  access to this  information. which is %100 true otherwise we would not be able to share all this knowledge we have with one another or not being able to take the information we need.

Chapter 1& 8

In chapter one I Iearned how information was passed on through out the world. Inventions  that made new information age much easier for everyone to communicate and use for research. Information age examples such as textbooks, t.v, computer, newspaper, and a lot more are the different ways people share their knowledge. However the information age also makes it easy for untruthful information to carry on as well. Not all this information is true.

In chapter 8 Badke talks about all the key points that are necessary for¬† research topics. It is very important that we follow these steps because for some there can be some serious consequences for example plagiarism. Do a well research paper just by following Badke’s note taking tips.