Google vs. EBSCO

Using Google and EBSCO to search for “who controls information”, produces very different results. Google provides more relevant results on its first page it provides. They range from information control and on other subjects like mind control. EBSCO provides scholarly works, but on a very broader scale. Both searches require advance searching and some extra mining to get more relevant search results. The results by EBSCO provide results about law, and gun control. Other terms I have used are information filtering, monopolies, and information control. Although both search systems provide different results the combination of the two provide enough relevant information to do the research project.

2 thoughts on “Google vs. EBSCO

  1. Hafsa009

    I completely agree with your post. While Google is more abstract and not targeting one specific type of date, EBSCO is more in depth and scholarly. Not saying that you can’t find scholarly sources on Google, but EBSCO targets mainly journals and academically approved articles and books. As the reading on the Google Dilemma showed, there can be people manipulating the searches as seen with Googlebomb where as EBSCO is controlled by paid publishers who are certainly more reliable.

  2. ohlynn wright

    I agree Information sites and search engines are just like live research . I say that In example of an event based issue . you would have to get both sides and more than one view on things. if you want to know about hurricane Katrina you would look for news sources government sources and look for information put up by people who actually lived through it like a blog or an internet source


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