Authors, audience, and media technologies.

An idea is the main point of using media. Spreading an idea has been so important, that we have created differnt outlets to carry the message.  Using one outlet at a time has been the  main way to communicate an idea. Today an idea will reach the audience through not just one, but multiple outlets. The method has changed the way an audience absorbs information. Clearly there is a growth in the way an idea is sent. Craig Mod, talks about losing part of the intimate knowlege gained by the way an audience recieves an idea from just one outlet. Where the question is asked how important is it to maintain the original ways of sending an idea. The article, “Media Covergence,” by Graham Meikle and  Sherman Young also bring raise to the question of how digital media affects the idea that is sent? The audience becoming authors and being able to interact with the idea which is able to be modified. I belive both articles are concerned on persevering an idea from the way new media technology can disrupt the integery of the idea.

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