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learning log


In the first picture I had Paulden on the swing, he is against the light, coming in from the upper right. He is slightly angled coming in diagonally is interesting. The next picture the light is left and above Paulden. Then is Obed on the soccer field he is facing the light. Then the photo of Obed squatting down photographing Paulden I came in close to him.  the light was above and behind him. Then the last photo he is facing the sun.

learning log 9


In todays class we had to take pictures with natural lighting where a silver and golden reflector  were used. To do this we had to angle it perfectly against the sunlight to get that brightness and more exposure in just the face. Some had no reflectors used because the lighting was already good. I was always trying to blur the background to put more focus into the subject.


While taking these shots and others in general the experience was difficult to change from the ISO and the aperture. The first photograph involved the use of a light reflector and the other images are all natural light. The natural light coming from the sides or from the back hitting hair.  The 4th photograph the sunlight is on her and has some strong highlights.

Learning Log #9


Today’s class was a little more different because we used natural lighting. It was sort of difficult at first because there was no strong sunlight, but we managed to used the reflectors to create some lights in my subjects’ face. I tried to not get distractions in the backgrounds, such as cars. My main focus was to get the brick walls in the background. The ISO used was 100, aperture was 5.6 and shutter speed was 1/125.

Learning Log #9

I took this photo of Alana from a low angle view, it was a bit sunny and we used the diffuser to lower the lighting.

This photo had a lot of sun light shining through my face. The sun finally came out and we used the light for good use to shine part of my face.

We decided to do a full body photo. There is light shining directly all over Alana.

We went to some fenced home near by, and there was a wall. The shadow and the light of the sun blends perfect.

This shot was taken through a tunnel. We were both taking photos of each other at the same time.


Learning Log #9

This is my Outdoor shoots . I used the reflectors in the 1,4 and 5 Pictures.I placed the reflectors  on the right side from the model  to cover the shadows as you can see the difference in the 2 and 3 pictures. To show the natural light. Every picture I set up the ISO to differently I was between 100 for most of the Pictures except the 3rd picture I set up the ISO to 16000, the aperture was different too in each and every picture , it was between 6.3 and 10  and the shutter speed was also different in each picture which was  between 1/125 to 1/200. 

Learning Log 9

This photo was taken from a below angle with the use of a large reflector and natural sunlight. The reflector helps add in a nice glow even from the side of the face that is opposite from the sun.

This photo was taken using natural lighting and the interesting thing about this photo aside from the framing is the shadow casting upon her face with the unique pattern and lines.

This photo was taken in a candid moment from a below angle using the natural sunlight casting a nice glow on the edges of her face.

This photo was taken underneath a doorstep with natural sunlight being casted on one half of his face while one side of the door was casting a shadow on the other half of his face. This created a split lighting effect.

This photo was taken under the same doorstep with the natural sunlight and the door shadow. This photo created a nice split contrast down the middle of her face using natural light and shadow.