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Learning log #8

To create this photo, we first had to make sure the background was not to lit so we had to position the lights in sort of a cross formation or to the sides of the model. Also, we had to move the model farther away from the background, too. Then we turn off the light for one of the sides while we added some color gel to the light providing the light onto the background to make it blue. Lastly, the iso, aperture and shutter speed had to be adjusted to the amount of light that was available. Afterwards, I just asked the model to freestyle without much direction and eventually asked the model to look off the camera to create this photograph. As I put myself some distance away from the model, in post production I was simply able to crop in and adjust the space to put in the logo and arrange the type.

Learning Log#8

For this photograph I used a butterfly/clam lighting.  The lightbox was lowered and placed in front of the model, as well as the light placed to lighten the background. The shutter speed is 1/200, the aperture is F6.3 and the ISO is set at 100. Futhermore, for the magazine I wanted to recreate a cover that had Ed Sheeran mostly the position and the background.

This is my YOGA Cover Magazine. I used the clamshell lighting. The Lightbox was placed right above her body  to make her face and the image overall  have that bright contrast. This is an  inspiration from the YOGA Magazine Cover. I set up the ISO to  100, the aperture was 6.5 and the shutter speed was 1/200. I tried to take so many shoots to end up to this image that I am using to the cover and also the reflector helped me  to make  the image hight key. 


Learning Log #8

For this photo I used a clamshell lighting. The lightbox was placed right infront of her to make her face have that bright contrast. The inspiration for this photograph was a magazine where Ed Sheeran was on the cover of. The ISO was 100, the aperture was 6.3 and the shutter speed was 1/200. At first I was not able to get the right image quality I wanted but then after several tries, and after using a light reflector, I managed to get a good shot of her with a small space at the top of her head so I had space for the logo.

Learning Log #6 – Advertising Photography

Jewelry Makeup

For these photos, I had to place the objects in a way that would look presentable. On a white curved table, the objects were placed in the middle. There was a light behind the curve of the table  to brighten up the background, as well as one on the left side of the objects, and a reflector on their right. I wanted to show the products as well as the package design included, so I presented them accordingly.

Learning Log #5 – Light Painting


For this photo, I had the exposure on the camera set to 13 seconds. When I pressed the shutter release button, a light flash was used to show the subject and the subject proceeded to use a blue light stick to write their name in the air. When the shutter closed, their name became visible in the final image.


For this photo, I had the shutter speed set to 20 seconds. I pressed the shutter button, grabbed the flash and lit my subject, then I rushed to grab the blue light stick and quickly but carefully moved the light going around their arms. When the shutter closed soon after, the image came out just as I expected it to look.