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Midterm List

Subject: My Mom’s Weekend Routine 

  1. Waking up 
  2. Exercising 
  3. Preparing breakfast 
  4. Watering plants 
  5. Bonding with family 
  6. Hanging out with friends 
  7. Feeding Misty (guinea pig) 
  8. Grocery shopping
  9. Cooking lunch/dinner 
  10. Going to bed 

homework #1

I chose the photographer Yvonne Zemke to write about, she is a wedding portrait photographer from Germany. I love how she captures intimate moments between the couples. A majority of her photos are in black and white, and I love how she frames her subjects. The picture attached has one of the best figures interactions. The two figures are the main focus and they are not looking at the camera rather at each other, it helps create an almost spontaneity. This is a moment of love between these two and it seems very precious. Also the background has a lot of organic imagery, the trees the leaves, but they do not over power the couple.

HomeWork 1

Hancock Movie Poster 

This is the work of Michael Muller who is one my favourite designer / Photography. He does¬†lots of different photography style like for movie poster, Spot photography, and¬†Portrait¬†picture, etc. I love this picture because Muller describes¬†the main character but the picture. Just by the look at it, you can see “a guy doesn’t¬†give a dame about this life” I saw this poster way before I saw the movie and after the movie, I fall in love this poster because I was amazed by how a simple picture can tell us someone’s character.

Homework #1


Joey Lawrence: Unknown Subway Passengers on Halloween Weekend

I was drawn to the image above because of how Joey Lawrence forces the viewer/audience to put a focus on the masked person. What makes this a great photograph is the use of contrast, for example: the bright white mask and dark surroundings.