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Extra Credit – NYU Photography Senior Show

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I really enjoyed the photos of the exhibit in NYU. I enjoyed many of them, they demonstrate a lot of the things we learned in class. Like vivid colors and patterns like the Blue Building, the garden and the Our Lady of Guadalupe. They also had “caught in the moment” photos like the dog, the girl being carried by a women, and the black and white image where the woman is feeding a child. I also like the self-portraits, the image of the horse, the nuns at church and distorted body images, which weren’t manipulated or edited. My least favorite were the blurry pictures. it’s more conceptual but I did like blurred building photo.

learning log

This is obed i asked him to move closer to the ground rather than jump and i ended up with about thirteen and a half obeds moving across the screen. I prefered the figures not overlapping so i edited the pictures that had interesting poses and had a fair amount of space between them.

Learning Log #12 – Action Shots

Background_Blur Mult Shot _Panning Subject_Blur

For the first shot, I had someone run behind my subject as I hit the shutter button so that they can come out in a blur while the subject stayed in focus. For the second shot, I set the camera to rapid shot with a high aperture speed and had my subject run across as I took multiple focused shots as they moved. For the third capture, I focused on a moving vehicle and followed it with the camera in the same motion so that the background can be blurred and the vehicle can be focused. For the last shot, I had my subject spin in place as I took a rapid shot to capture their blurred movements as the background stayed in focus.

Final Learning Log 12 – Motion Photos

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It was fun doing these motion photo shots. For the blurred background and focused car (mostly) I had to match the speed of the car. It took a few tries until I got the shot. The photos with the blurred cars and sharp backgrounds also took some tries but I finally got them. I did not get the chance to do the panning and multishot photos, so to supplement I took two zoom in and zoom out shots of Obed and Mahnoor. They both look like they are going in hyper speed. And the last photo has Jason standing still while the person in the background is blurred.

Learning Log 11 – Flash/Ambient

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These are photos of my classmate Megan, she is very photogenic. With Timothy’s holding the speedlight from a distance, I was able to get the dramatic lighting. In the second photo, it was pretty much the same process. The only difference is she is leaning against the wall. The last photo was taken under the bridge, Timothy was on the far right and had the speedlight sideways.

Learning Log #10 – Street Photography

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For these photos, I did my best to make sure I got the faces of my subjects and even gained approval for a photo to be taken. It took a lot of waiting and patience to get the best results. I set the camera to monochrome to give a more timeless quality to the images. I feel it gives a subtle feel and provides beautiful results.

Learning Log 10 – Street Photography

photographer picture ready 2 Picture ready group photo laughing classmate

In the first photo is of a random photographer working on a wedding shoot, the shallow depth field allows her to stand out. In the two photos of the teen, the second is strongest. The way his face turned and the light hits half of it. Similarly, the the depth of field makes him standout. The fourth photo has is a family or friends hanging out. This is a photo  of Fernanda living in the moment.

learning log 10

 This was Jonathan he let me photography me. He graduated from City Tech 6 years ago super nice fellow. This is Natalie and I forgot her friends name, they were from Brazil and both very sweet. I caught this sweet moment of the guy kissing the woman, its a bit out of place for public but I thought it was a nice genuine moment  There were a group of bicyclists turning the corner and I stood still and snapped several pictures of them wooshing by. These young ladies were very sweet about letting me take pictures of them.

I walked by these folks who were recording something and spontaneously snapped a shot of them being rushed by the dog, the girl looked up as I took the picture.