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In the first picture I had Paulden on the swing, he is against the light, coming in from the upper right. He is slightly angled coming in diagonally is interesting. The next picture the light is left and above Paulden. Then is Obed on the soccer field he is facing the light. Then the photo of Obed squatting down photographing Paulden I came in close to him.  the light was above and behind him. Then the last photo he is facing the sun.

Learning Log 8 – PSA

Depression PSA Depression PSA

I had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot, in the image I had my peer reach out for the bupropion bottle and and used one light with a grid. The second image, the lighting was also achieved with a grid. Then I composited  several images together, turn two with a ghost like affect and turning them black and white, but the main image stayed in color.

Learning Log #6 – Advertising Photography

Jewelry Makeup

For these photos, I had to place the objects in a way that would look presentable. On a white curved table, the objects were placed in the middle. There was a light behind the curve of the table  to brighten up the background, as well as one on the left side of the objects, and a reflector on their right. I wanted to show the products as well as the package design included, so I presented them accordingly.

Learning Log #5 – Light Painting


For this photo, I had the exposure on the camera set to 13 seconds. When I pressed the shutter release button, a light flash was used to show the subject and the subject proceeded to use a blue light stick to write their name in the air. When the shutter closed, their name became visible in the final image.


For this photo, I had the shutter speed set to 20 seconds. I pressed the shutter button, grabbed the flash and lit my subject, then I rushed to grab the blue light stick and quickly but carefully moved the light going around their arms. When the shutter closed soon after, the image came out just as I expected it to look.