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learning log

This is obed i asked him to move closer to the ground rather than jump and i ended up with about thirteen and a half obeds moving across the screen. I prefered the figures not overlapping so i edited the pictures that had interesting poses and had a fair amount of space between them.

learning log 10

 This was Jonathan he let me photography me. He graduated from City Tech 6 years ago super nice fellow. This is Natalie and I forgot her friends name, they were from Brazil and both very sweet. I caught this sweet moment of the guy kissing the woman, its a bit out of place for public but I thought it was a nice genuine moment  There were a group of bicyclists turning the corner and I stood still and snapped several pictures of them wooshing by. These young ladies were very sweet about letting me take pictures of them.

I walked by these folks who were recording something and spontaneously snapped a shot of them being rushed by the dog, the girl looked up as I took the picture.

learning log


In the first picture I had Paulden on the swing, he is against the light, coming in from the upper right. He is slightly angled coming in diagonally is interesting. The next picture the light is left and above Paulden. Then is Obed on the soccer field he is facing the light. Then the photo of Obed squatting down photographing Paulden I came in close to him.  the light was above and behind him. Then the last photo he is facing the sun.

light painting

The photoshoot went really well when we communicated, the gels were fun to use. It was important to redo shots. If one shot the color was too dark the next try you would have to adjust, shoot that gel with an extra flash. Also trying to get a subject perfectly still has its moments where the end result will look really attractive. But even those slight moving moments¬† can make “happy little accidents”.¬†¬†¬†.