Alex Feng PSA

When one of my group members decided to use pills or drugs as their PSA concept, I came up with the idea to not show any human figure in the photograph, but just show only the products. I had to use the photograph set where it was rolled out on the floor to accomplish this task. Then I only used one light source instead of two and changed the direction of it so there would be barely any light in the photograph. My intention was to split the finish photograph in two with a diagonal line in the middle so one side would be really dark and one side would be really light. Afterwards, I had to carefully position the drugs and the containers to replicate how it would actually look like in a situation where someone collapsed after overdosing with drugs in their hand so this would look similar to how it would be and not feel to staged. Lastly, I had to adjust the shutter speed, aperture and increase the ISO to get the feeling I wanted and to prevent the photograph from being to dark or to light. However, I just went into Lightroom and adjusted the exposure and contrast to give it this look.

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