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Extra Credit LJ NYU

Brazil Nun

Overall, my visit at the NYU photo gallery was enjoyable. I found the photos impressive and felt like they were one-of-a kind. There were two photos that caught my attention.

In the first photo, I found that there were many elements that made the image fascinating: leading horizontal lines from the houses, frame-within-a-frame from windows. In addition, I believe that the photographer did not follows the rule of thirds on purpose and its to show a documentary type of image. What I liked the most from this photograph is the stairs that somewhat made this image three-dimensional.

The second photo shows a nun talking on the phone. What I liked about this photo is the double framing that made it seem that someone is watching over her. Also the picture of Jesus perfectly frames behind the nun’s head even though it’s a candid image.

Learning Log #10


A photographer who I met when I was walking along Washington St.

Washington Street

Couple of pedestrians looking at a spiffy car

The Rock

A boy throwing a rock


A woman and her dog taking a sip of water.

Couple and the Bridge

A couple enjoying the view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

For these set of photos, I set my aperture to F5.6 to make sure that my shots aren’t too soft. I changed my shutter speed whenever the lighting conditions change. All of the shots were candid except for the first one.

Learning Log 9

log learning  log learning log learning log learning log learning

In today’s class we’ve taken portraits using natural light. I’ve used a reflector for the second and last photos to boost the highlights and soften shadows. The aperture for these photos were F2.8 and I’ve adjusted the shutter speed depending on the light conditions.

Learning Log #8


In this photo I used a black background to achieve a more dramatic look. In addition, I used two strobe lights with a light box attached to produce softer lighting. I’ve also used a reflector facing the model to reduce glare from the soda bottle.

Learning Log 6


airpodsssThe way I photographed the first image is by attaching a soft box in one of the lights. Using a soft box reduced the amount of shadows in the image. In the second image, I placed the subject on top of a reflective sheet to produce a ‘mirrored look’. I’ve also attached blu tack underneath my AirPods case to make it stand up. Overall I liked the second image because the white colors from the Airpods stand out to the black background.

Learning Log #5


Today in class we shot light drawing pictures. To achieve these photographs, we set our camera’s settings into these: ISO 100, F13, and shutter speed to 13 seconds or more. The first photo was a double exposure. We triggered the speed light twice to achieve the “two persons” look. In the second picture, no flash was triggered to produce a silhouette. Also a light rod was used to create a background. Overall, this photo shoot was quite fun and enjoyable.