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Homework #1

By Michael MullerI was drawn to this image of Rihannah taken by Michael Muller because I love the contrast with the black and white. The background blends in with her outfit, even though it has a different design. The lighting illuminates where she’s standing. She has a center dominant eye as she is looking back at the camera.

Homework 1

One photographer work that has captured my eye was Michael Muller. In most of his work, he has frequent use of using different shutter speeds. I chose the Deadpool bullet shower photo. I like how he caught the right moment of the bullets falling down on Deadpool. I also liked how he got the right lighting of the photo which is subtle but a bit darkened. And in my opinion, when photographing Deadpool himself it shows a little part of the symbolism. Sexiness and Stupidity.

Homework #1 – Favorite Photo and why

Landscape photo taken by Krzysztof Browko.

I chose this landscape photo taken by Krzysztof Browko, because for one, I really enjoy landscape photography, but another reason I like this photo is the contrast between the vivid green field that’s located further back and the bleak brownish field that is more forward in. The photo also seems to illustrate movement from the trees in a diagonal line formation, which is one of the rules of composition. Additionally, I was drawn to this photo because of how much negative space there is, compared to the few trees and rock there is.

Homework #1

Select a photographer from:
Explore their work and choose your favorite image by that photographer. Create an OpenLab post including the photo and explain why you were drawn to that photo, and what you feel makes it a great photograph. Include any of the information you’ve learned about the rules of composition in relation to how that photo was made. Be prepared to discuss at the beginning of next class.