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Learning log 13

This photo is a good sense of motion with the frozen figure in the foreground with the blurred car in the background.

This is a good example of really active motion with both the figure and the background car blurred and sensing motion.

This photo has a good sense of motion with a frozen foreground figure but also a good sense of balance with the truck aligning perfectly with the figure.

This photo has the same sense of motion and alignment as the previous photo since the foreground is clear and the background figures are moving and blurred. The foreground figure sits in the middle space of the two moving background figures.

Learning Log 11

This photo has a great example of dramatic split lighting.

This photo has a good example of some leading lines.

This photo also uses split lighting but in a broader way since the side of his face that the flash comes off of is more toward the camera.

This photo uses nice flash lighting and it also makes it look like he is floating a little bit.

This shot is unique with the ice cream cone and the different pops of color from the sprinkles and her hair really go well with the flash.

Final Project Shot List- The Girl Without Hands

Link to fairytale:

  1. The miller in the forest collecting wood
  2. The miller looks up from collecting wood and sees the wizard
  3. The wizard comes over to him offers him money and points past him over to his tree behind his mill
  4. The miller accepts the money and believes that the wizard is going over to his apple tree.
  5. The  miler’s daughter is actually behind the mill sweeping and sees the wizard approaching her
  6. The daughter draws a circle around herself with chalk to protect herself from the wizard taking her…The miller realizes that the wizard wants his daughter and not the tree
  7. The wizard confronts the miller and demonstrates to him cutting off her hands or else the wizard would take him instead
  8. The father looks down at his daughter contemplating about cutting off her hands while the daughter kneels down with her wrists exposed
  9. The daughters hands are cut off (not actually going to cut anybodys hands off)
  10. The wizard departs the scene

Learning Log #10

For this shot I was across the street so I really had t take advantage of the full zoom to capture this candid and emotional moment.

This shot I was right next to the hot dog stand and I was waiting for the right moment for the vendor to hand the customer his hotdog. Luckily I got a perfect middle shot of him handing the customer the hotdog.

This moment was when the boy felt left behind because his sister rode off without him. This expression seems like a combination of sad yet determined. I also tried to used the rule of thirds in this shot.

This was another candid moment of a mother and daughter relaxing on the park bench. This was a spare in the moment shot since they were already naturally posed.

This shot was also spare in the moment and they are naturally posed in a romantic position. I had to also zoom in on this shot since they were a bit far from me.


Learning Log 9

This photo was taken from a below angle with the use of a large reflector and natural sunlight. The reflector helps add in a nice glow even from the side of the face that is opposite from the sun.

This photo was taken using natural lighting and the interesting thing about this photo aside from the framing is the shadow casting upon her face with the unique pattern and lines.

This photo was taken in a candid moment from a below angle using the natural sunlight casting a nice glow on the edges of her face.

This photo was taken underneath a doorstep with natural sunlight being casted on one half of his face while one side of the door was casting a shadow on the other half of his face. This created a split lighting effect.

This photo was taken under the same doorstep with the natural sunlight and the door shadow. This photo created a nice split contrast down the middle of her face using natural light and shadow.

Week 9 PSA


Both of these photos used the strobe lights at different intensities with different angles. The drug psa used an overhead light focused on the pill bottle. The child abuse PSA used two strobe lights pointed at the background in different directions.

Learning log 6



This photo was composed using one softbox light on the side and a reflector on the opposite side of the softbox light. There was also another softbox highlighting the back on the backdrop. So the makeup would have equal lighting around it. There was also flash composure in the softbox to make it look like a real flash.

This photo was composed using 3 grid lights surrounding the product and with a black backdrop and stand. The stand was reflective giving it that magazine photo like effect. There was also flash exposure to add light to the product to have it stand out from the black background.

Learning log week 6

This photo was taken with the light being wrapped around the arms with a single exposure, still subject and flash and 10 second shutter.

This photo was taken with 3-4 multiple flash exposures while subject was moving and the light was moving with him.

This photo was taken with the led light moving behind the two subjects standing still with no flash exposure so the subjects are silhouettes.

Midterm Shot List

For the midterm I will be photographing my dad throughout his day.


-Getting ready in the morning

-Traveling up to Queens to Unique’s

-Traveling into Manhattan to get ready to set up for work

-Setting up for work

-Interacting with people while he is working

-Packing up his work station

-Putting his work materials back

-Going back home on the train