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Week 4 in class lighting

This photo is an exceptional example of loop lighting. You can see the curve of the nose going on the side of her cheek creating a loop. However I dont think that the lighting was placed high enough above her head so unfortunately the rest of her nose shadow slightly goes across her cheek as well.

This is a good example of split lighting because the split contrast of light clearly goes across and down her face.

This is a good example of Rembrandt lighting since the triangle shows up in lighting on the right side of her face against her nose.

This photo is a good example of broad lighting since the light is very strong on the side of her face that is towards the camera while the side of her face opposed to the camera has a heavy shadow contrast.

This is a good example of short lighting since the side of her face that is opposed to the camera is gently highlighted by light which makes it short. The side of her face that is towards the camera is taken over by a contrasting dominant shadow.


Week 3 Best Shot Still Life lighting

This photo is of a stuffed bear and an empty Hennessy bottle. This photo was shot using a spotlight dimmed down low  overhead of the bear with a reflector on the side of the bear. This photo displays low key lighting against the bears face and the bottle since there is a lot of shadow and contrast with the subject and the background. The bottle also has a lot of reflection which makes it stand out against the bear. Overall the lighting gives off a dramatic and intense feeling in the photo which what was aimed for

Week 2 In class Photo

This photo was created using natural lighting from outside as well as the use of a reflector to highlight the shadows and fill out the light around her face. This photo of her face also fills out the frame very nicely and along with the lighting makes it look like a studio photo.

Homework #1

The photographer that I chose is a portrait photographer named Michael Muller. I was automatically attracted to his work and his style of shooting portraiture. After observing some of his work I noticed almost all of his work is very bold and dramatic in the way it was shot. There seemed to be a lot of concentration of dramatic light and shadow in his work as well as emotion. This photograph I chose by him was one of my favorite ones that I saw from him.  I was really drawn to this particular photo not only for the dramatic light and shadow placement but also for how the photo is composed. This photo clearly portrays the rule of thirds with a great amount of contrast for light and shadow. The subject of the photo is centered-left with half of his face consumed by shadow and the light appearing on the other half giving this photo an emotional feel to it. Muller used the rule of thirds in this photo with having the subject’s T-zone aligned to the guidelines that are focal points in the photograph. Also the subject staring directly into the camera shows a piercing and stern look which also adds to the emotional aspect of the photo.

Influential Photo

Photographer: Gordon Parks

Title: American Gothic

I chose this photo because of the powerful statement that it represented and still represents to this day about the unfair treatment and misogyny towards African Americans in the U.S. This photo was intended to be a parody of Grant Wood’s American Gothic painting that represented two local American farmers who are standing and one is holding a pitchfork. In Wood’s painting he was representing the models as being in the land of the free and proudly American by living under certain working conditions. In Park’s photo he took that representation from Grants painting and replaced it with an African American woman named Ella Watson and represented her struggles by the emotion on her face and the mop and broom that she is holding. This shows that African Americans were being treated poorly and given unfair pay while working hard jobs. Park represented that it was America doing this to African Americans by photographing the American Flag in the background of Watson. This photo clearly represents the poor treatment of African Americans while ‘living in the land of the free’ and still represents it to this day.


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