Learning Log 9

This photo was taken from a below angle with the use of a large reflector and natural sunlight. The reflector helps add in a nice glow even from the side of the face that is opposite from the sun.

This photo was taken using natural lighting and the interesting thing about this photo aside from the framing is the shadow casting upon her face with the unique pattern and lines.

This photo was taken in a candid moment from a below angle using the natural sunlight casting a nice glow on the edges of her face.

This photo was taken underneath a doorstep with natural sunlight being casted on one half of his face while one side of the door was casting a shadow on the other half of his face. This created a split lighting effect.

This photo was taken under the same doorstep with the natural sunlight and the door shadow. This photo created a nice split contrast down the middle of her face using natural light and shadow.

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