Final Project Shot List- The Girl Without Hands

Link to fairytale:

  1. The miller in the forest collecting wood
  2. The miller looks up from collecting wood and sees the wizard
  3. The wizard comes over to him offers him money and points past him over to his tree behind his mill
  4. The miller accepts the money and believes that the wizard is going over to his apple tree.
  5. The  miler’s daughter is actually behind the mill sweeping and sees the wizard approaching her
  6. The daughter draws a circle around herself with chalk to protect herself from the wizard taking her…The miller realizes that the wizard wants his daughter and not the tree
  7. The wizard confronts the miller and demonstrates to him cutting off her hands or else the wizard would take him instead
  8. The father looks down at his daughter contemplating about cutting off her hands while the daughter kneels down with her wrists exposed
  9. The daughters hands are cut off (not actually going to cut anybodys hands off)
  10. The wizard departs the scene

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