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Learning log #6


Today’s assignment consisted of taking objects and photographing them in lowkey and highkey lighting. At first, my object was a watch but then I realized that I was better off using this crystal minnie mouse puzzle, so I put it together and photographed it with and without the box it came in. In order to take the highkey photos I had to increase the aperture from 13 to 18 because the due to the crystals, the minnie seemed washed out and too bright, almost like a white color. The lights in both lowkey and highkey setup were placed on the sides in the back of the object. The ISO was also 100 for both setups.

Learning Log #6


My object was a Versace perfume, for the first shot the perfume was placed to the edge of the table. The use of low key light, backlight and an attempt in using tracing paper to dim the light to make the logo stand out. For the second shot it consisted for a high key light, I believe that the light is placed on the left side. Since the perfume is glass it shine and we can see some of the edges from it.

Learning Log 6


airpodsssThe way I photographed the first image is by attaching a soft box in one of the lights. Using a soft box reduced the amount of shadows in the image. In the second image, I placed the subject on top of a reflective sheet to produce a ‘mirrored look’. I’ve also attached blu tack underneath my AirPods case to make it stand up. Overall I liked the second image because the white colors from the Airpods stand out to the black background.

learning log 6


I choose these photos to post, because i like the angles and shadowing on each of them. As well as the reflective floor to give it a more professional look. These 3 photos came out very clear. I like how i was able to get the arrow to show in the ring, it gives it more detail and makes it more interesting.

Learning log #6

To achieve these shots, first the camera settings had to be adjusted to ISO 100, the aperture to 8 and the shutter speed to a minimum of 1/200. Then the lights had to be adjusted in the dark background to make it more focus onto the products otherwise the background would have been lit up. Also, the position of the light had to be moved up to the sides of the product, too. Shortly afterwards, the position of the products had to be carefully adjusted so there were less reflections as well. Lastly, for styling the shot, I had to move myself around in front of the products whether it was going to the same level of the product or being at a higher perspective than the product

Learning log 6



This photo was composed using one softbox light on the side and a reflector on the opposite side of the softbox light. There was also another softbox highlighting the back on the backdrop. So the makeup would have equal lighting around it. There was also flash composure in the softbox to make it look like a real flash.

This photo was composed using 3 grid lights surrounding the product and with a black backdrop and stand. The stand was reflective giving it that magazine photo like effect. There was also flash exposure to add light to the product to have it stand out from the black background.

Product Shots

Ok! So, this was not what I have in my mind but I was playing with it and I want people to look at it and understand what is it but not just the package. The light is right behind me. I For this shot I already have in my mind what I want to show so I took the picture with reflection because I want it to look like eyes. First I took picture in vertical then I made horizontal to look like eyes.